Resources on tuna stocks

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Technical papers

Technical papers on FADs

Posters and videos

In Taking stock of our tuna, SPC talks about the importance of the tuna fisheries to the economic development of the Pacific Islands (24.19 mins). The video is also on the Pacific Community website.

Inside out: saving our tuna, video (23.04 mins) about managing tuna populations in the WCPO, produced by United Nations Development Programme, 2014

Tuvalu’s Nikolasi Apinelu talks tuna at OFMP2 project forum, about matching reported and IUU fishing levels, and stock status, for Tuvalu (1.39 mins).

Samoa’s Magele Etuati Ropeti talks tuna at OFMP2 project forum, about assessing whether Samoa is creating a sustainable environment for using tuna (1.28 mins).

WWF’s Bubba Cook talks tuna at OFMP2 project forum, about overexploitation of tuna stocks (2 mins).

Pacifical is a company that was set up by the PNA countries to market tuna globally. In this video, Pacifical talks about its sustainable fishing policy and practice (4.55 mins).